How to effectively write good user story

Struggling to write good user stories?

Join us for a short discussion on how to effectively write a user story as we explore requirement models, applications & how not to write a user story! Anyone new to Scrum or Agile will also find the webinar informative.

24th Jan, 6:30 to 7:30 PM

We will cover :

  1. Genesis of a user story.
  2. Requirements model in terms of Features, Epics, User stories.
  3. What makes a good user story?
  4. Application of personas and user modelling impact mapping generating user stories.
  5. How not to write a user story/Anti patterns.

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📢 Upcoming Webinar 📢

Why Break user stories in smaller pieces & how to do it

Benzne is back with their another exclusive public webinar!

Your teams are invited to join us as we explore breaking user stories into smaller pieces & how to do it! Registration details are mentioned below, kindly register and socialize internally with relevant teams. There are no commercials involved.

When: Wednesday, 16th November 2022

Time: 6:30 pm — 7:30 pm IST

Detailed Agenda & Registration: Please refer registration link

Limited seats are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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What is “Personal Agility”?

It is defined as the ability to have a positive attitude, resilience, and openness to change. The personal agility system helps individuals or teams with their goal achievement. It can be considered a skill or competence, that needs to be developed and trained, and leaders should encourage their teams to get better at it.

Are you still confused ?? 🤔

Benzne Co-Founder & Agile Delivery Head Anuj Ojha explains the “Basics of Personal Agility” in a simple way in the below video. 👇

Basics of Personal Agility with Anuj Ojha — Benzne

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Want to know about “What is Agile” in simple words!! Watch the below video with Anuj Ojha.

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Benzne Agile Leadership Series with Mr. Krishna Potnis

We are here with the last two parts of our Agile Leadership Series with Mr. Krishna Potnis.

In this fifth part, we discuss with Krishna, why an outside-in Agile transformation could be more effective. How getting an external consultant on board, can help in agile transformation journeys rather than doing the entire transformation internally.

Watch Here 🔽🔽

In the sixth and last part, we discuss the future of Payment Technology and its impact with Krishna. The multi-polar new world order, scope of metaverse and how it can revolutionize payments and Fintech.

Watch Here 🔽🔽

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We are back with our next set of Agile leadership videos with Mr. Krishna Potnis. Here we discuss with Krishna the Future of Fintech — UPI, SuperApps, BAT, GAFA, ONDC & more disruptions.”

Watch the below video to understand how is the market evolving with this disruption and the important role that product-led thinking is playing in the industry.

In our fourth video, we discuss why ‘being’ the ‘change’ is more effective than ‘driving’ change? And more so for leaders.

It is not easy to practice change, instead “be the Change”. This is the main motto that Krishna shares that has worked for him in motivating his teams to embrace change.

Watch the video here 🔽🔽

why being the change is more effective than driving change?

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